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The followings are general conditions in which most teachers are working under:

Period of Contract 1 year (E-2 VISA is able to be renewable)
Salary Salaries at most Korean language instituion(hakwons) range from 2.1 million won per month to 2.4 million won per month. (depending on your career and position) (2000-2300 USD, 2300-2700 CAD)
Teaching hours 120 hrs/month
Overtime pay The usal overtime rate is over and above 120 hours per month. 18,000 - 21,000 won/hour
Severance pay When you finish a full one-year contract,you recieve an extra month`s regular salary. It is equal to monthly salary. No severence payment is required for periods of employment less than one year.
Accommodations All the jobs we offer include rent-free housing. To avoid the many problems related to finding accommodations,the Institute is responsible for finding a comfortable,affordable location and adequate housing. Each Instructor shall have the use of one (private) bedroom in the living accommodation provided by the Institute.The accommodation may be a two or three-bedroom apartment or a leased multi-family house, which is usually shared by one or two other foreign teachers. Teachers will be provided with basic furnishings by the Institute. Sanitation and heating facilities in Korea are now comparable to those in typical western countries. Utilities are the teacher`s responsibility. They range from $30 per month up to $100 per month,depending on how many people share the apartment and the season. Sometimes there is an apartment management fee,which is used to pay cleaners for building stairways and common areas. If you are paying a housing management fee then you`re probably in a nicer-than-average apartment. This fee ranges from $30 to $60 per month. Some employers collect a housing deposit of 400,000 ~ 750,000 won. It`s usually collected in two, three, or four monthly instalments deducted from salary. This is supposed to cover unpaid bills at the end of your contract ; however it may used by your employer for any expenses he incurs as a direct result of a teacher`s violation of the contract or clear negligence.
Airfare The institute offer air transport to and from Korea as part of their standard contracts. Most of the time air tickets are one way. At the conclusion of the contract you may receive a return ticket. If the Instructor purchases the airline ticket,the ticket shall be reimbursed by the Institute with in the first week upon arrival.
Medical care Employee will be covered by medical benefits under the Korean Medical Insurance Union, a Government Health Organization. The costs of this coverage will be borne half by employer and half by employee (Abt 2% from your salary)
Class size 10-15persons/class.
Vacation The Instructor shall observe the same national holidays that are observed by the rest of the staff at the Institute. The instructor will normally received ten(10) paid vacation days per year. All schools close for Korean national holidays and most schools close for a week in summer and a week at the end of the calendar year.
Tax rate 3.7-5%(Depending on your salary, If you are Canadian, your tax can be refunded at contract completion)
Working days Monday to Friday (Some institutes offer Saturday Classes)

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